Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Physical and Mental Factors That Make For Success

In case some of you don't have access to Facebook, the following was posted today on my Stotan Runners Facebook page.
From Schoolboy Athletics written in 1963 by Percy Cerutty--
"The physical and mental factors that make for success, improvement and a champion.
Theses factors are(and not necessarily set out in order of merit):--
Power: i.e., muscular strength, stamina, an overall fit organism.
Technique: i.e., 'Know-how', being master of the details of the event or skill....
Confidence: i.e., will to win and courage. Both these are dependent somewhat upon inherited factors, and past experience justifying a hopeful approach.
Persistence: this factor shows up in steady and continued training, irrespective of 'feelings', weather or other conditions, social or other 'temptations' or interruptions.
Character: this factor is mainly the result of early training, an adult attitude to life, an accepting of responsibility (both as to others and in regard to our own behavior and acts), a high degree of intelligence--and the result of the other factors.
Therefore, whilst I deem character the most important of the factors, it must be placed last, since it is so much the result of all others."

The above is one more example of the genius that is Percy Wells Cerutty.

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