Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Athletics--More Than Just A Simple Pastime

There is a reason why some of us out there, like Mike Spino, feel it is important to not only keep the spirit of Cerutty alive, but acquaint others with what he taught. Consider the following:
What better way to learn about Cerutty than from someone who was taught and trained by him. The following is an excerpt from the excellent book by writer/coach and former Director of the Esalen Sports Center, Mike Spino. Within his book entitled, Beyond Jogging: The Inner Spaces of Running, you get an insight into a coach who was unlike any other and who is every bit as relevant today as he was 50 years ago. What made Cerutty unique? Iconoclast and philosopher, as well as writer and coach, Cerutty looked beyond simply the training and competitive aspects of athletics. He knew that the athlete who was receptive to seeing the bigger picture as it pertained to athletics would ultimately be a better person in every aspect of his life. Consider the following from Spino on Cerutty:
" 'All over organism power: heart-lungs-glands-muscle-spirit power' is the philosophy Cerutty used to guide those under his watchful eyes. It was part of Cerutty's genius that he looked at running and other athletic achievements as more than a simple pastime. He encouraged his students to bring all their mental powers to bear on their chosen sport. He probed into the psyche of the athlete, coupling innate brainpower and will with the innate running ability of the animal. This combination resulted in techniques that lifted his students above the ordinary."
Yes, athletics, can be more than just 'a simple pastime'.

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