Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Glory Days of Track and Field and Running

To all you sports fans under the age of 50--believe it or not--there was a time in America when the sports page in your newspaper and the sports shows on television gave equal coverage to Track and Field as it did pro Baseball,Football, and Basketball. Track and Field was loaded with great athletes and performances. Myself, as well as I am sure as millions of other kids, were inspired and encouraged to take part in this great sport because of what we read and saw.
Sadly, those days are long gone. The sports pages today give very little coverage to Track and Field except when the Olympics roll around every four years.
Sports sections are now dominated by pro sports and the multi-millionaire athletes who play them. Attending pro sporting events like a Bills game in my area costs a couple of hundred dollars if you take someone along with you. Affordable for the average person? Hardly.
Below is a link to the glory days of track and field and all things running. It's been around for years and has an extensive archive section. Check it out and see, in my opinion, what a true sport is all about.