Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Stotan Way: Create Your Own Portsea

The International Training Center that Percy Cerutty founded was at Portsea in Victoria, Australia.It was right by the ocean, the 'center' was basically what some would call a very large shack on one half acre of land. However, from this seemingly nondescript facility, great things happened; future champions and non-champions were trained, but perhaps more importantly, they were instructed on how to live and experience life to its fullest.
We may not have a Portsea that we can go to but that doesn't mean we can't create one of our own. If you have access to parks, trails, beaches, pools, and a set of weights you can develop your own Portsea. Here's what I have, in my garage I have weights and a bench. The weights were almost all garbage picked and bought at Play it Again Sports. Behind my house is a dirt service road that is 8/10's of a mile long. A quarter mile away is a park and not ten minutes away is the Atlantic Ocean. In these areas exist all the components needed to train like a Stotan. I'm sure all of you out there,have excerpt for the ocean, the potential for similar training opportunities.
Something else you may want to think about doing. The following is a sample of the daily schedule at Portsea. Consider following something like it for a day or weekend. Obviously, there are certain areas where you would have to improvise but you can still maintain the intention of the schedule, building the body and the mind. May we not have become so jaded that we view the following as childish or frivolous.
7 a.m.---A five mile run before breakfast in any direction our whim took us followed by a dip in the ocean.
8 a.m. Breakfast of uncooked rolled oats(without milk) sprinkled with wheat germ, walnuts, sultanas, raisins and sliced banana. Perhaps a few potato chips to follow.
9. a.m. Swimming and surfing or outdoor chores like chopping wood, painting and carpentry.
Noon- Training and lectures at Portsea Oval, followed by another swim.
2 p.m. Lunch--fish and fresh fruit.
3 p.m. Siesta.
4 p.m. Weight-lifting.
5 p.m. Ten mile run along  dirt roads ending once more at the beach.
7 p.m. Tea and a general discussion led by Percy on a wide variety of subjects.
11 p.m. Lights out.
Maximize your life!


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