Friday, July 4, 2014

Ten Characteristics of Truly Great Coaches

1. Committed to individual integrity, values and personal growth.
2. Profound thinkers who see themselves as educators, not just coaches.
3. Well educated (either formally or informally).
4.Long run commitment to their athletes.
5. Willing to experiment with new ideas.
6.Value the coach/athlete relationship.
7. Understand and appreciate human nature.
8.Love their sport and work.
9. Honest and strong in character.
10. Human and therefore imperfect.
The above is really a great list. Percy Cerutty fits everyone of the 10.
Percy was all about experimentation (#5), just read Athletics: How To Become A Champion.
Although not formally educated (#3), he read extensively on a wide  range of varied subjects. I recall in 2000 much of his personal library was up for sale on Ebay. In the description of his 'library' it said the books covered such subjects as yoga, philosophy, weight training, religion, and nutrition. The seller also added that the books were underlined and filled with notations by Cerutty. It still pains me that I didn't have the funds to make the purchase.
Read Cerutty's bio Why Die by Graem Sims and you'll understand why he at times behaved in a way that was less than exemplary(#10).
Cerutty had a  deep love for athletics (#8) and recognized that it was so much more than training and competing.
Although he's gone we have his books that show the truth and the way.

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