Saturday, July 12, 2014

Percy Cerutty and Coaching

Readers of my other --may recall that there were several posts relating to Cerutty's views on the nature of coaching. The following, although not written by him, certainly are in line with what he taught.
In teaching your athletes instruct them to:
1. Set reasonable goals.
2. Use only positive statements in discussions with your athletes.
3. Help the athlete rationalize and understand poor or disappointing performances.
4. Help the athlete plan intelligently for a race.
5. Be knowledgeable of the sport, as in the psychology, physiology and mechanics.
6. Be strong-willed; don't waiver in your  determination or lose yourself emotionally during the competition.
7. Don't convey the coach as indispensable--rather work to build self-reliance in the athlete.

If only all coaches were able to convey the above to their athletes. I know in my experience I had far more bad coaches than good ones. I would quickly add that these men were not bad people, they just didn't understand the fullness of teaching and guiding athletes. Perhaps this was due in large part to the fact that, as Cerutty wrote, "those that can't do, can't teach." In doing, I'm sure Cerutty wasn't just referring to the physical aspects but also to the mental and emotional aspects that go along with 'the doing'.
Next post will be on Monday, it'll deal with Cerutty's take on marathon training. The fall marathon training season is upon on us, so  it seemed like a good choice. He has insights into marathon training that are certainly unique.
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