Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Living the Stotan Life: What Would Cerutty Do....And Not Do,pt.1

Anybody remotely familiar with Percy Cerutty knows that he was all about keeping life simple and natural. For those who aspire to the Stotan Life consider the following---
Imagine if you will Cerutty  at his training center at Portsea in say, 2014, not 1960. He's talking with his students, dressed like they are, in only their shorts. Suddenly, the sound of a Beethoven symphony bursts forth. Cerutty reaches for his cellphone clipped to the side of his shorts, it's Herb(Elliott) calling saying he will be at camp this coming weekend. Percy puts his cellphone back and continues instructing his athletes, minutes later, Beethoven returns, it's a reporter inquiring about doing a feature story. Cerutty looks at his schedule on his phone, makes the appointment and returns the phone to his hip..
It all sounds absurd doesn't it? Would Cerutty have a cellphone if he were around today? Maybe, maybe not. But, I'm sure he would not be obsessively calling,looking and checking it. As one who has witnessed the tremendous growth in cellphone use in recent years, I have come to the conclusion that cellphone use is addictive. I will add that in fairness to its users the addiction has been fueled by what I believe are called the 'apps' that have turned cellphones into hand-held computers.
People need to stop, especially those who are Stotans or desire to be Stotans. Leave them in your car, home or your desk when you go for a workout, an event, a date, shopping or whatever. Saying you need them for work or family is an excuse to continue obsessively using. That's why we have message or answering machines. You can leave, if you desire, a message on your cellphone as to why you are not answering every call that comes your way 24 hours a day. This excessive use is mentally and emotionally draining.
Put the beast down, discover again what it's like to be alone with your thoughts, uninterrupted by intrusions from with out. To the severely addicted I say this, yes you can drive to the supermarket, shop for half an hour and drive all the way home without using the worst invention created in the last several decades. Maybe I'm extreme, but maybe I'm right. Stotan up people!

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