Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Ceritty's Legacy, Pt.1

Cerutty and his teachings are needed and timeless. It is my belief they are needed now more than ever in these unprecedented times.
The following is taken from the book pictured above, it's by Gary Walton. I would highly recommend it. Not only for the profile of Percy but for the excellent ones of other coaches, several of whom I had never heard of. The insights are incredible.
A sample:
"In the 23 years Cerutty actively coached at Portsea, 30 world record breakers followed his methods and fell victim to the Cerutty virus. Some men thought him a crank, many viewed him skeptically, but all agreed he was unique. A philosopher and poet, an athlete and coach, and above all an individual, Percy Cerutty was a force in athletics like few others.
Cerrutty and his Stotans raised horizons and pushed forward our conceptions of human limits.
They did it by believing and living the Stotan Creed."

To that I say: "Stotan up my friend!" quote by Greg Walters.


  1. The Stotan Creed, for those who haven't read it, is contained in this post--https://livingthestotanlife.blogspot.com/2019/07/so-you-want-to-be.html

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