Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Path To True Peace and Contentment

The following was not written by Percy Cerutty but he affirmed what you are about to read in his books and the way he lived. I honestly don't know who wrote this, it was sent to me years ago, no author was listed--

Go your way because you want to, not because that is the way they say you should go.

Dress the way you choose, look the way you desire but do not copy others.

Be an individual, do not suppress the urge to be a non-conformist out of fear that others will not accept you.

There is nothing wrong with being a loner if that's the way it turns out to be.

Don't be afraid of the quiet or being silent.

Come to understand that less is better.

Be a doer not an observer.

Seek out new adventures and challenges.

Don't experience life vicariously by watching others.

Be comfortable and at peace with the life you are living.
Couldn't agree more with the above.                                                                 

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