Sunday, May 3, 2015

Achieving Mastery of Your Sport

Success in our sport,be it personal or competitive,is what all serious runners desire. The process towards achieving success can offer the distance runner an opportunity to learn much about himself,but, he must be open and reflective as to what is happening during the process.Learning and growth do not occur when the runner has the view, "it's just another race(or workout),tomorrow I'll do this and the next day......." The following is by an unknown author.What he writes about below is thought provoking and worthy of consideration.
"When you move down the road towards the mastery of your running--and you know, you are constantly moving down that road--you end up coming up against these barriers inside yourself that will attempt to stop you from continuing to pursue your mastery of running. And these barriers are such things as when you come up against your own limitations,when you come up against the limitations of your will,your ability,your natural ability,your courage,how you deal with success--and failure as well for that matter.And as you overcome each one of these barriers,you end up learning something about yourself. And sometimes,the things you learn about yourself can,to some individuals, convey a self-knowledge that has an almost spiritual sense to it."
Aren't we all moving daily "down the road towards the mastery of our running?" With this mastery of our running can come a mastery and understanding of ourselves.

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