Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Pretensions

The following is from an old To Run is to Live post but I believe it is worth repeating. I thought of publishing this again as I watched on television the other day some grotesquely tattooed competitors engaging in their respective sports. Cerutty  always taught that our involvement in athletics was in part, a way of expressing who we are. Being natural and having no pretensions were a few of the characteristics of an athlete. The true athlete recognizes that he accomplishes more than just training his body each day as he does his workouts.

Looking Into the Heart Mind and Soul of a Running Warrior

Standing alone, I am what others see and hear,
Without pretension,
Having no need to effect a look or manner by adopting vain extraneous appearances.
I exude a quiet confidence derived from a life that is disciplined, yet open and welcoming to new challenges.
I view my physical training as an opportunity to grow and be fulfilled in all aspects of  life.
This training is as vital to me as my relationships and my vocation,it makes me complete.
I feel no need to explain or prove the validity of the way I have chosen.

The merit of one's life can be measured in part by his disposition and how he treats others,
Yet one's words and actions often betray what he espouses.
My running and training burn away my weaknesses and faults, but the fire must be kindled each day.

Life can be hard and filled with uncertainties that overwhelm the unprepared,
For many, the joy in this life is thus lost.
The way I live,though strange to most,
Provides a peace and comfort that cannot be measured and is not tangible,
But it is the path I've chosen and it's worth is validated each day of my life.

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