Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Coming Soon

Sometime in the next few weeks I will be starting a new blog, yes, another one. It will deal exclusively with Stotanism and all things related to it. Those familiar with  www.torunistolive.blogspot.com realize that there are dozens of articles pertaining to Stotanism and Percy Cerutty. It is not my desire to repeat what has been already written but there is a need to relate and apply the Stotan ideals to these modern times.
After a time away from blogging to train and study, I return refreshed and invigorated.I see a need, hopefully, to inspire and inform those who are looking to improve the way they view and live their lives, all from a Stotan perspective.
Will it be geared to the athlete? Of course it will! I say this because as Cerutty said, in so many words, athleticism is as vital to life as eating and breathing.
As an aside,the graphics and appearance of the title page will be changed from the way it now is.
The address:  www.livingthestotanlife.blogspot.com

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