Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't Be A Cellphone Zombie

Recently, while I was considering all things Stotan, cellphone use again came to mind. Now I realize I have written on this subject before but it is my belief that the cellphone and its addictive properties are so pervasive that this topic must be addressed again.

I should begin with this disclaimer--I don't mean to offend anyone but like the friend who is drinking a fifth of vodka a day---there comes a time when someone who cares needs to step in and point out the error of his friend's ways. Today--for some of you---I am that friend. If what follows pisses you off or makes you feel defensive, perhaps I am speaking to you.

 You see people on cellphones everywhere --on the street--in the stores--on the beaches--in the parks-- and quite unbelieveably--in their cars. People staring blankly at the screens--texting or talking. Just today I saw a number of people looking at their phones while driving--forget the number who were actually talking on them. At the retail store where I work, people are looking at them as they shop while others are carrying on conversations. On television you will see the cameras scan a crowd and there will be people staring into their phones. Why? Do people forget that there was once a time when you missed calls but still got the message on your machine when you got home? Remember when people actually went out and were observant and engaged in their surroundings and not staring at a phone? To me, this is the potential BIG loss in excessive cellphone use, not being engaged in your surroundings, this includes the people who are right next to you.

Cellphones are addictive, and for the most part, unnecessary.Cellphones have become more addictive as they have gained more special features and things you can do with them.

Questions regarding health concerns and cellphone use, to me, are valid ones. U.S. officials dismiss reports that come out periodically from Europe critical of their use,but, it's not very reassuring when these same U.S. health agencies recommend that we text more and not let children actually talk on them too much. Mmmm--follow the money on this one--cellphones are a billion dollar+ business in America.
I could go on but here's the bottom line--ditch the cellphone--don't be afraid to be alone with your thoughts--you don't need to be talked to or at or have something to look at throughout the day anytime you desire. Cellphones are mind numbing ---they will make you addicts and less intelligent and interesting people.

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