Friday, April 3, 2015

The Three Prerequisites For Success

If you want success you must:

1. Nurture an unshakeable belief in yourself. Far too many people really don't believe they have the ability to reach the goals they set for themselves.
Why others? Why not you?

2. Have a supportive environment. The people who are closest to you in your life should understand that you feel a need to accomplish something that you believe is important. They may not be able to relate to what you are attempting, but they should respect the fact that you are committed to doing something. Strife in your personal environment is toxic, it can sabotage your quest for success.

3.Confidence that you know you have done the necessary work. If you are an athlete, it's the mental as well as the physical work.

 Here's the thing, for those seeking success, you are always learning, always evaluating. You are not living like the average Joe who works, goes home, eats, watches the tube, goes to bed and then repeats the process the next day.
There is a purpose and a passion in your life.

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