Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Decline by Dave Draper

In many ways, the following reminds me of what Cerutty wrote about in his book, Be Fit! Or Be Damned! Referencing the U.S. over the last several decades, Draper hits on what's gone wrong in this country and why. While some would say the following is depressing and even negative, I believe it's a call for people to be optimally fit, self-reliant and disciplined,exactly the message Percy Cerutty preached and wrote about for years.  The Decline by Dave Draper:

"Here is a rough bullet-summary of a devastating decline of modern mankind. Laugh it up. Pretend it's a badly scripted, poorly directed B-flick from a Hollywood starring the Osmond family.

Fitness takes hold in the '60s and erupts in the '70s. Swell. Big biz and big bucks do their dirty work: feeding frenzy, deception and hype, confusion and gluttony. No comprehensive education offered, intended or achieved, just sell, exploit, sell. Aerobics will set you free, buy a $7,000 treadmill.

Fast food arrives in the '60s --- just what we needed --- waistlines and appetites grow, time shrinks.

Schools drop athletic programs and classes on nutrition. Junk food and fast food is installed in school halls and cafeterias instead.

Fast-track living increases across the fruited plains to accommodate rising costs; God's replaced by a second job, second car, second mortgage and declining morality.

Generation gap in understanding critical need for sound exercise and right eating widens... going, going, gone.

Less family life, more single-parent families, less homefront education from the now nutrition- and exercise-ignorant moms and dads results in the development of horrible eating habits and passive lifestyles.

Computers and video games replace physical play and sports for adults and kids alike, Standard game rules: 1) Sit on butt and 2) Press the buttons.

Governments miss the picture by light-years. The FDA and other agencies are 70 years behind the times in nutrition information they offer to the populace.

Sugar and grain lobbyists and fast food bosses control the government and they control society, the herds, the sheep.

Terrorism, wars, serial killers and small and large thieves --- wickedness --- removes the prevailing wind from the ship's sails and strain at man's hopes.

The match is not over yet. It's time to get back up and fight like a man, like a woman, right here, right now. Exercise, eat right and grin with joy, and build enabling discipline and enliven the weary character as you do."


  1. A lot of truth here. My wife & I used to see you at Santa Cruz Bible Church when we lived in CA. We moved to AZ a few years back. Glad to see you're staying in shape spiritually and physically.