Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Favorite Running Books

Someone sent me a link to a list of the 50 best running books (thanks Jason), I always enjoy reading Best of Lists on most any subject. The thing that struck me about this list was the distinct lack of older running and related books. The following is my list of great running books, books I believe should be listed above any of the 50 on that list. In no particular order:
Self-Made Olympian Ron Daws, The Olympian by Brian Glanville, Athletics: How to Become A Champion Percy ...Cerutty, The Golden Mile aka The Herb Elliott Story,Herb Elliott, Running To the Top by Derek Clayton, Serious Runner's Handbook Tom Osler, Running the Lydiard Way Arthur Lydiard, No Bugles No Drums Peter Snell, Beyond Jogging Mike Spino, Van Aaken Method Dr. Ernst Van Aaken, most anything by Kenny Moore (Especially- Best Efforts), Runners and Other Dreamers John L Parker, Marathoning by Bill Rodgers and Joe Concannon, Pre by Tom Jordan, Middle-Distance Running by Percy Cerutty, Running To the Top Arthur Lydiard, Why Die by Graem Sims(Cerutty bio), I could go on but.....

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