Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Recent Stotan History, pt.1

Before I begin I should say that a better title for the following might have been--A Little Recent History of the Sotans, in the U.S.
Also, many have asked, just what does the word Stotan mean?  Stotan was created by Percy Cerutty, he combined the words stoic and Spartan. The word Stotanism encompasses his teachings and the way of life he advocated.

A Little Recent Stotan History
Back in the mid-1980's, Greg Walters gave me a Xerox that had a picture of Cerutty on it along with a brief description of what he taught and advocated.At the time we were both coaching at a Track and Field Invitational being held in Rochester, N.Y.I had never heard of Percy Cerutty before but was attracted to his message. Soon after I purchased a used copy of Athletics: How To Become A Champion and began following his dictates(as best I could). Trails and Parks took the place of concrete and tracks. I formed the Stotans, it grew and thrived, hardy turnouts were the norm at Chestnut Ridge Park. We raced with great success along the Finger Lakes Trails and other places.
The Stotans are still at it today. Although you don't have to be a member of "our club" to be a Stotan, you do have to believe and live Cerutty's teachings which are described fully in his many articles and books. Some of his essential teachings are: a highly conditioned mind is as essential as a fit body, a life can only be lived by doing, keeping all things natural and living for more than just having and 'getting' things.
I believe Cerutty's message is as relevant today as it was when it was first published decades ago. Taking a look around these days I'd say it's needed more now than ever.
It's always been my desire to get the word out on 'Perc' to as many people as possible. I'm very appreciative to all who have responded over the years.

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